Thursday, August 21, 2014

**Closed ** 9/12: Author Spotlight - Vicki Tyley

Author Spotlight
Vicki Tyley
Tour Date: September 12, 2014

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About Vicki Tyley:

Born and raised in New Zealand, I moved to Western Australia with a single suitcase when I was nineteen years old. Since then, I've packed a lot into my life, working hard in predominantly accounting, IT and management roles, but also spending a year touring the world. I've lived in the central business districts of large cities, suburbia, idyllic seaside locations, rural areas, bushland, and remote desert mining camps.

Now based in rural Victoria, Australia, I am a fulltime writer of fast-paced mystery and suspense novels in contemporary Australian settings. All my books are quick, easy reads with no gratuitous sex or violence – the type of books I enjoy as a reader. However, my characters occasionally swear.

Outside of writing and reading, my main interests are design and photography. I like to laugh, drink coffee, spend time alone, spend time in company, and get close to nature. I dislike crowds, hospitals and offal.

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