Wednesday, August 20, 2014

**Closed** 8/30: Author Spotlight Sign-Up - Veronica Forand

Author Spotlight
Veronica Forand
Tour Date: August 30, 2014

HTML and a media kit will be sent out as soon as they are available, but no later than three days prior to the tour start date. 

Request Form:  Click Here

Here are the documents for your posts:

For more information on Veronica Forand, check out her website:

Author Spotlight Host Sign Ups:
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  2. Reel Ladys Love Smut*
  3. A Closet Full of Books*
  4. Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog*
  5. Sweetly Clean Romances*
  6. Book Worms and Couch Potatoes
  7. Books and Bindings*
  8. Nicole Smith (FB)*
  9. We Like It Hot, Hot, Hot (FB)*
  10. Clarissa Wild's Blog*
  11. Room With Books*
  12. This girl loves books*
  13. Shanoff Says...*
  14. undercover book reviews*
  15. elaine and tami's JB3 Blackbirds
  16. Renee Entress's Blog*
  17. Obsessed by Books*
  18. Canadian Book Addict*
  19. Books, Photos & a little bit of everything else*
  20. Naughty Book Eden*
  21. Love Bites and Silk*
  22. Cindy's Love of Books
  23. Ramblings From Beneath the Sheets*
  24. That Crazy Book Chick*
  25. Best Book Boyfriends
  26. Naughty Moms' Story Time*
  27. Just The Write Stuff*
  28. A One-click Addict's Book Blog*
  29. Collector of Book Boyfriends*
  30. Two Chicks and Their Lit*
  31. Beautifully Broken Book Reviews*
  32. Devika Fernando
  33. Jennifers Taking A Break
  34. Sweet and Spicy Books*
  35. A Book Addict's Delight*
  36. Eskimo Princess Book Reviews*
  37. Those Crazy Book Chicks* (FB)
  38. Be My Book Boyfriend*
  39. Pinky's Favorite Authors*
  40. Book Nook Nuts *
  41. Inspire To Read*
  42. Book Worms/ Book Written Love Affairs*
  43. Em & M Books*
  44. Brainy and Beautiful Book Blog*
  45. The Pleasure of Reading Today*
  46. Words Turn Me On* (FB)

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