Wednesday, September 24, 2014

**Closed** 10/19: Sales Blitz - Wicked Designs by Lauren Smith

Sales Blitz
Wicked Designs
by Lauren Smith
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: January 7, 2014

HTML and a media kit will be sent out as soon as they are available, but no later than three days prior to the tour start date. If buy links are not available at that time, they will be forwarded separately.

Click here for the sign up form or fill out the form below.

Sales Blitz Host Sign Ups:

  1. A Closet Full of Books
  2. Roses Are Blule
  3. D&SBookBlog
  4. Book Nook Nuts
  5. Networking Witches
  6. Our Wolves Den
  7. icefairy's Treasure Chest
  8. author sandra love
  9. book pimpers 
  10. Marie's Cozy Corner
  11. The Parent Spot
  12. Em & M Books
  13. BFD Book Blog
  14. Wild Wordy Women
  15. Renee Entress's Blog
  16. Laura's Online Interests
  17. Uniquec’s Book Blog
  18. Padme's Library
  19. Jennifers Taking A Break
  20. Harlie's Books
  21. Jen's Reading Obsession
  22. Books, Photos & a little bit of everything else
  23. Bookoholic Anom
  24. sweet treat reading reviews
  25. Words Turn Me On (FB)
  26. Cosmic Palate
  27. The Reading Wench
  28. Demetra Iliopoulos
  29. Just The Write Stuff
  30. Book Groupies
  31. SBM Book Obsession
  32. Twin Opinions
  33. 2 Girls a Book & a Glass of Wine
  34. Becky on Books
  35. That Crazy Book Chick
  36. Literature Litehouse
  37. We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
  38. WiLoveBooks
  39. Rakes and Rascals
  40. Amanda Blog
  41. Buried Under Romance
  42. girlygirlbookreviews
  43. Debbies' Rakes, Highlanders and Vikings
  44. The Ardent Reader
  45. Nerd Girl Official
  46. Snugglebooks
  47. Jen's Reading Obsession
  48. Page By Page Inside-Out Reviews & Promotion (FB)
  49. BeanieBrain Reader
  50. Dying to Read and Weaving Tales
  51. Eskimo Princess Book Reviews
  52. sweets books

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