Friday, January 30, 2015

4/21-4/23: Release Blast; 4/27-5/1: Review Tour - Samantha's Secret by Betty Bolté

3/13: Cover Reveal
4/21-4/23: Release Blast
4/27-5/1: Review Tour
Samantha's Secret
by Betty Bolté
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: April 21, 2015

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3/13: Cover Reveal

  1. Ogitchida Kwe's Book Blog*
  2. undercover book reviews*
  3. Girl with Pen*
  4. Pinky's Favorite Reads*
  5. Padme's Library*
  6. Amanda's Blog!*
  7. Two Sassy Chicks*
  8. Em & M Books*
  9. Sjparkes30 (caitlinallycesmum)*
  10. Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents*
  11. 4covert2overt ~ A Place InThe Spotlight*
  12. RoloPoloBookBlog*
  13. Snugglebooks*
  14. A One-click Addict's Book Blog*
  15. Words Turn Me On*
  16. Page By Page Inside-Out Reviews & Promotion*
  17. Twin Opinions*
  18. Inspire to Read*
  19. BookHeathens*
  20. abibliophobia anonymous book reviews*
  21. Queen of All she Reads*
  22. Nerd Girl*
  23. Agapa Reads*
  24. Laura's Interests*
  25. Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog*
  26. Nat's Book Nook*
  27. Sammy's Book Obsession*
  28. Book Groupies*
  29. Room With Books*
  30. Cover to Cover Book Blog*
  31. Naughty Book Eden*
  32. Just the Write Stuff*
  33. Can't Stop Reading*
  34. A Closet Full of Books*
  35. Babs Book Bistro*
  36. Indy Book Fairy*
  37. Chicks4Books*
  38. Coast to Coast Book Besties*
  39. Reading Drinking and Relaxing*
  40. ByoBook Club*
  41. Trina's Tantalising Tidbits*
  42. Those Crazy Book Chicks*
  43. Books Are Love*
  44. Traci Hayden*
  45. A Good Book Can Change Your View For Life*
  46. Smut Fanatics*
  47. The Hoarding Readers Corner*
  48. Alice's Book Wonderland*

Marie's Cozy Corner
A Dirty Book Affair

4/21, Tuesday: Release Blast
Ogitchida Kwe's Book Blog*
undercover book reviews*
Brooke Blogs*
Marie's Cozy Corner*
Fallen Over Book Reviews*
Sjparkes30 (caitlinallycesmum)
Page By Page Inside-Out Reviews & Promotion*
Twin Opinions
Vi Brandon** - Review
Book Heathens*
Nerd Girl*
Agapa Reads
Laura's Interests-Review **
Queen of All She Reads*
Sammy's Book Obsession*
Book Groupies*
Naughty Book Eden*
Just the Write Stuff*
Can't Stop Reading*
A Closet Full of Books*
Indy Book fairy*
Chicks 4 books*
Obsessed by Books*
A Good Book Cab Change Your View on Life*
Ebook Addicts*
Coast to Coast Book Divas*
Sassy Ray Book Reviews*
Kindle Library*
Cyn's Book Reviews*
Kaboodle Doodle*
Cover to Cover*
Trinia's Tantilising Tidbits*

4/22, Wednesday: Release Blast
Padme's Library*
Em & M Books*
Steamy book momma*
Inspire to Read
abibliophobia anonymous book reviews*
A Dirty Book Affair
Those Crazy Book Chicks*
Books are Love*
The Hoarding Readers Corner*
Here Is What We Read*
One Click Pimp*

4/23, Thursday: Release Blast
Girl with Pen*
Pinky's Favorite Reads*
Amanda's Blog!*
Two Sassy Chicks*
4covert2overt ~ A Place InThe Spotlight
A One-click Addict's Book Blog*
Words Turn Me On*
deal sharing aunt*
Fictional Rendezvous*
Room with Books*
Momma's Secret Book Obsession*
A Book Addicts Delight*
BYO Book Club*
Traci Hayden*
Alice's Book Wonderland*
Warrior Woman Windmill*

Review Tour
4/27 - Monday
Em & M Books**

4/28 - Tuesday

Laura's Interests**

4/29 - Wednesday
Steamy book momma**

4/30 - Thursday
Queen of All she Reads**

5/1 - Friday
Book Heathens**

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