Wednesday, March 4, 2015

**Closed** 4/27-5/1: Release Week Blog Tour - Million Dollar Que$tion by Ellie Campbell

4/27-5/1: Release Week Blog Tour
Million Dollar Que$tion
by Ellie Campbell
Genre: Women’s fiction/Contemporary Romance/Chicklit
Release Date: April 25, 2015

HTML and a media kit will be sent out as soon as they are available.

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3/19: Cover Reveal
A Closet Full of Books*
Nicole's Book Musings*
Marie's Cozy Corner*
Ogitchida Kwe's Book Blog*
Em & M Books*
Not Your Average Book Blog
The Booknatics*
Miki's Hope*
Confessions Of A Reader*
A Dirty Book affair*
undercover book reviews*
Sarah & Kirsty's Book Reviews*
Alpha Book Club
Reading Drinking and Relaxing*
Reading in Sarah's Corner*
Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog*
Amanda's Blog*
Chicas Love to Read*
Nat's Book Nook*
Sammy's Book Obsession*
Book Groupies*
Room With Books*
Girl With Pen*
Momma's Secret Book Obsession*
Just the Write Stuff*
Can't Stop Reading*
Indy Book Fairy*
Coast to Coast Book Besties*
Hooked on Books Forever*
My Book Addiction and More*
ByoBook Club*
Book Lover*
Obsessed by Books*
Trina's Tantalising Reads*
Pinky's Favorite Reads*
Those Crazy Book Chicks*
Books Are Love*
Traci Hayden*
A Good Book Can Change Your View For Life*
Smut Fanatics*
The Hoarding Readers Corner*
Alice's Book Wonderland*
eBook Addicts*
Addicted to Crazy, Sexy Books*
Coast to Coast Book Besties*

4/27 - 5/1: Blog Tour

Monday, 4/27
Nicole's Book Musings *- Promo
Marie's Cozy Corner *- Promo
undercover book reviews* - Promo
Reading in Sarah's Corner *- Promo
3 Partners in Shopping, Nana, Mommy, & Sissy, Too!* - Promo
Book-Lover *- Promo
abibliophobia anonymous book reviews* - Promo
Girl with pen-Promo*
obsessed with Books*-promo
books are love*-promo
A good book can change your view on life*-promo
Alice's Book wonderland*-promo

Tuesday, 4/28
Flame Resistant Undies Romance Reviews** - Review, Dream Cast
RoloPoloBookBlog* - Promo
Miki's Hope** - Review
A Dirty Book affair* - Dream Cast
Books Direct* - Promo
Book Groupies* - Promo
Can't Stop Reading* - Promo
Chicks4Books* - Promo
Those Crazy Book Chicks* - Promo
Smut Fanatics* - Promo
Sassy Ray Book Reviews* - Promo
Kindle Library* - Promo
Cyn's Book Reviews* - Promo
Kaboodle's Doodles* - Promo
Here is What I Read* - Promo
Just the Write Stuff-promo*
Coast to Coast Book Besties-*promo

Wednesday, 4/29
HBS Author's Spotlight* - Author Interview/This or That
WiLoveBooks** - Review
Alpha Book Club - Promo
A Novel Kind of Bliss - Review, Dream Cast
Nat's Book Nook*-promo
Cover to Cover*-promo
A book Addicts Delight*-promo
Indy Book Fairy*-promo
BYO Book Club-promo*
Pinky's Favorite Reads*-promo
Traci Hayden*-promo
Warrior Woman Winmill*-promo

Thursday, 4/30
A Closet Full of Books *- Promo
Not Your Average Book Blog - Promo
Confessions Of A Reader -* Promo
Sarah & Kirsty's Book Reviews - Promo
author sandra love* - Dream Cast
Amanda's Blog*- promo
Naughty Book Eden*-promo
The Hoarding Readers Corner*-promo
Ebook Adiicts*-promo
Coast to Coast Book Divas*-promo

Friday, 5/1
Em & M Books *- Author Interview/This or That
The Booknatics* - Promo
SnazzyBooks **- Review
Reading Drinking and Relaxing* - Promo
Literary Nook *- Dream Cast
I heart YA Books*-promo
Fictional Rendezvous*-promo
Chicas love to Read*
Room with Books*

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