Blog Tours


A Blog Tour is a great way to engage your readers by providing more insight into the book, characters, or author. These tours can create customized posts for each stop, and include things such as author interviews, character interviews, dream casts, playlists, exclusive excerpts, top 10 lists, this or that lists, and guest posts. The author determines which optional content they would like to offer, as well as deciding if they would like the bloggers to ask questions or suggest topics for the author interview, character interview, guest posts, top 10 list, and this or that list. The author can also create pre-made guest posts, interview questions/answers and other content that can be offered to the hosts (BPICP can assist with topics and questions - we have a whole list you can look at and use).

To ensure maximum participation and to allow enough time for the hosts and the author to create the information for the customized content, at least five (5) weeks lead time is recommended for this tour, with additional time being ideal.

Please contact for more information or to book a tour.


We have simplified the pricing of our blog tours based upon the tours we have booked. Now one price gets you unlimited stops, including customized stops and promo only stops.
  • One Week (5 Days):  $100.00
  • Two Weeks (10 Days): $150.00

Tour Management

  • BPICP will send invites to blogs to participate in the BlogTour as well as push out the tour sign-up form on social media, including the BPICP Facebook Page and Twitter Page, and other sites as applicable.
  • A sign-up post will be created on the BPICP website, and all hosts will be recorded at the bottom of the post for easy reference (please give us 2-3 days lag time to keep the post updated!)
  • BPICP will manage the tour dates and keep track of how each blog is participating (which customized feature they have chosen), and, unless the author chooses to use a pre-made set of questions or topic answers, BPICP will provide the author with each request as it becomes available - e.g. list of questions from each blogger for an author interview, topic for guest post, etc.
  • An information document will be provided to the client/author to collect all necessary information for the Media Kit. It is the client/author's responsibility to ensure that all links and information work and do not violate any copyright laws.

Media Kit

  • A Media Kit will be provided to all BlogTour participants. The media kit includes:
    • Custom Made Tour Banner
    • Book Cover
    • Book Blurb/Synopsis
    • Excerpt (optional if not choosing exclusive excerpt option)
    • Purchase Links
    • Author Bio
    • Author Picture (optional)
    • Social Media Links
    • Other optional promotional materials provided by the client that don't conflict with customized content being offered (e.g. Book Trailer, Dream Cast, Teaser Photos, Playlist, etc.)
  • An easy cut/paste HTML post will also be provided to all tour hosts
  • Customized content will be sent directly to each host participating for inclusion in their post


  • Book Partners In Crime Promotions will provide a customized banner for your Blog Tour. If you would like additional graphics (e.g. Facebook Banner, teaser pictures) to coincide with your Tour, please contact us for pricing & packaging information. A copy of the book cover will be used for this banner, no other images will be required.

Tour Promotion

  • BPICP will promote your tour on social media on the BPICP Facebook Page and Twitter Page.
  • All tour hosts are encouraged to cross-promote their blog posts on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. and will be asked to tag the author and BPICP in their cross-posts so they can be shared, re-tweeted, and acknowledged. 


Tour-Wide Giveaway

  • A giveaway is optional, but recommended since giveaways will attract more attention to your Blog Tour.
  • The giveaway will be managed by BPICP, with the giveaway prizes to be supplied by the client/author.
  • BPICP will manage the giveaway using Rafflecopter.
  • The giveaway will last the duration of the tour, with additional time offered at the request of the client/author.
  • BPICP will draw & verify the winner(s) and provide the winner(s) contact information to the client/author in an email. It is the client's responsibility to notify the winner(s) by email
  • The purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes are the client/author’s sole responsibility. This can be anything from a signed paperback, eBook, gift card, swag, or even a kindle. Anything you would like to giveaway is fine with us. Readers love giveaways, so be creative, and remember, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money!