Facebook/Event Party

Facebook/Events  Party

A Facebook party can an effective tool in promoting your book. You can have one for almost any reason -  a cover reveal, to celebrate a new release, to promote a sale event, to compliment a blog tour, or recognize an anniversary (e.g. one year publishing date). If you wanted to have a party and your idea isn't listed just let us know. Book Partners In Crime Promotions can customize your party.

Please contact thebookpartnersincrime@gmail.com for more information or to book a tour.

With a Facebook/Events Party the help of the author is required.


  • 2 hour event: $50
  • 3 hour event: $75
  • 4 hour event: $100
  • 5 hour event: $125
  • 6 hour event: $150
  • 8 hour event: $200
  • Special combo package
    • Single Titles
      • $100 - 1 Day Release Blitz or 3 Day Release Tour + 3 Hour Facebook Release Party
      • $120 - 5 Day Release Tour + 3 Hour Facebook Release Party
    • Box Sets
      • $110 - 1 Day Release Blitz or 3 Day Release Tour + 3 Hour Facebook Release Party
      • $130 - 5 Day Release Tour + 3 Hour Facebook Release Party
Hours can be spread out over several days for 4 parties that are four (4) hours and longer.
Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Just let us know, other plans and options can be customized to meet your needs!

A Facebook Party Includes the Following:

Facebook Party Set Up:

  • Consulting with the author on the event – from planning to launch.
  • Inviting authors to join in the event (this is a combination of authors on Book Partners In Crime Promotions list AND authors that you know and invite). Author help is required for this part.
  • Creating Google documents for inviting authors and creating schedule for event.
  • Emailing authors participating in the event.
  • Setting up the Facebook Event. This will be set up on the Book Partners In Crime Promotions Facebook Page.
  • Book Partners In Crime Promotions will invite readers to take part in the event via the use of our Facebook Page. Invitations will not be sent from our personal Facebook accounts.
  • Suggestions on how to increase guests coming to the event will be given.
  • One banner will be created for the event.
  • If requested by the author, Book Partners In Crime Promotions will set up a Facebook private message chat to work out any details or answer any questions that are just too difficult to ask/answer via an email. Sometimes chatting back and forth just makes things easier.
  • Author will be given a form/survey to fill out so that Book Partners In Crime Promotions has background information on author, book, series, giveaways, etc.

Facebook Party Management

  • During the Party Book Partners In Crime Promotions will serve as the host.
  • Each author will be introduced.
  • Games and other fun activities can be planned and posted during the event – usually in between scheduled authors for the event.
  • Overall management of the event.

Promoting the Party:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Bloglovin’, and Goodreads will all be used to promote the party.
  • BPICP will also give suggestions to the author on ways to promote the party


  • One Facebook Party banner will be created


  • All Book Partners in Crime Promotions events Giveaways are optional. However, a Facebook Party for guests it is all about the Giveaways.
  • Suggested for having the most successful party: creating one large Rafflecopter giveaway or Grand Prize giveaway that is open for a minimum of 5 days. Combine this with Flash Giveaways (a list will be needed for Book partners In Crime Promotions) from the author
  • Giveaway promotions will usually be administered via Rafflecopter (Flash Giveaways are picked using the Flash Giveaway App for Rafflecopter or Random.org)
  • Rafflecopter event will last for a period of five days (unless otherwise specified)
  • The purchase and distribution of the giveaway prizes are the author’s responsibility
  • Book Partners In Crime Promotions will create and manage the Rafflecopter event
  • We will draw the individual winners and provide their information to the author. It is the author’s responsibility to notify the winners via email.