Terms & Conditions


  1. All payments must be made through PayPal.
  2. Full payment is due once I have booked your promotion service. A Review promotion will take longer to book than an event that only has promotional materials (e.g. a book blitz or cover reveal)
  3. Dates are non-transferrable.
  4. Refunds:
    1. Promotional Events (meaning nothing with a review): a 40% return of full payment will be given up to 4 weeks prior to your event date. After that no refund will be given, as the work for the event will be done.
    2. Blog Tours and any other event with a review: are considered booked when there are at least 2 blogs scheduled for each day of the tour. Once a tour is booked an invoice will be sent. No work on the tour will be done (meaning no ARC will be sent out) until full payment is received. Refunds: A 30% refund will be given up to the time the ARC has been given out or if the tour is more than 4 weeks out. Once an ARC has been given out or if the tour date is within 4 weeks of the starting date no refund will be given.
    3. Review Service: There is no guarantee for quantity or quality of reviews. We will advise ahead of time if we feel your book is a good fit for our stable of reviewers. If we recommend against it and you still choose to book the service, the fee is non-refundable even if the book is not selected for review.
  5. Giveaways: All Giveaways (if you are doing a giveaway) shipping and distribution of the prizes are the sole responsibility of the author. Book Partners In Crime Promotions is in no way responsible for giveaways. Signed books and swag will be US ONLY unless otherwise specified by author.
  6. Authors are responsible to provide eBooks to all review stops.
  7. Options for tours can include: review, excerpt, promo posts, interviews, guest posts, Q&A, character castings (these are completed by bloggers), deleted scenes and more. Authors pick and choose options.
  8. Blogs sign up on a voluntary basis to participate in all events. If a blog does not post on their scheduled day Book Parnters In Crime Promotions will make every effort to contact the blog and coordinate posting. Book Partners In Crime Promotions is not to be held responsible if a blog fails to post as scheduled. However, if a blog misses more than 3 stops with Book Partners in Crime Promotions they are removed from the mailing list.
  9. Reviews: positive reviews are not guaranteed. Bloggers are asked to not post a review that is going to be starred at below 3 until after the tour has been completed, but Book Partners In Crime Promotions cannot guarantee that all reviewers will hold their review back. Reviewers are asked to give an honest review but Book Partners In Crime Promotions frown upon reviews that attack the author or their work.
  10. Bloggers are asked to post their reviews to Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, iBooks, and Goodreads, but this can not be guaranteed by Book Partners In Crime Promotions.
  11. Book Partners In Crime retains full ownership of all sign–up documentation (including forms and responses, Google Docs, etc.). Access to these files will be not be granted after cancellation.